Wallpaper showing a clock and calendar with photo frame made in 3D technology.

Important : Remember that “Clock and calendar 3D” is an animated wallpaper and after installation you can set it as active in the display properties.

Wallpaper showing a clock and calendar with photo frame made ​​in 3D technology with the most common mobile devices graphics library OpenGL ES 2. The watch is an interactive wallpaper she follows the movement of the finger across the screen, which causes it to rotate in space. At the same time clock performs smooth rotational movements that exacerbate the effect of animation.

You can customize the look and feel of the watch in a panel with options. You can find them by going through the application icon or through the properties of an animated wallpaper when you select it from a list of animated wallpapers.

There you will find options such as:
– selection of the clock face,
– selection of wall texture,
– selection of images placed in the frame,
– mode of action of the second hand,
– the ability to disable the calendar and photo frame,
– the ability to disable additional oscillating movements,

Currently available:
– Clock faces: modern, old, wood, rusty, ceramic, helloween, merry christmas.
– 50+ types of walls: wood, stone, brick, jeans, flowers, steel, fur, lava.
– Second hand types: professional, smooth, step, blink, off.
– Users request:
– KKS Lech Poznań
– Legia Warszawa
– FC Barcelona
– Real Madrit

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★Note: If your wallpaper resets to default after reboot, you will need put the app on your phone instead of SD card. ★